Friday, February 8, 2008

The wind doeth blow..............

When the wind blows I care about what the Robins do but I am more concerned about ME now!

Last Thursday...The last day of January the wind did blow here......some gusts up to 40 miles an hour.  The big rigs decided to pull over in many places but not Sue! Nope she decided to make a grocery run.  The loaded basket was making its contents right into the trunk of the car......I went up the steps to get another arm full and a gust of wind absolutely slammed me down on the concrete sidewalk. 

A very nice lady offered to help me.....a young man put the rest of the basket contents in the car trunk and I finally got up.  I was unable to use my right arm to a certain degree.

I made another stop and then went home.  By this time I am in lots of pain and turning a nice shade of blue and purple.  I took some pain medication and finally about 4 in the afternoon went to the clinic.   They didn't think I was broken but had a lot of soft tissue damage.  I was told to take Ibp and not use my arm if I could avoid it.  This is 8 days later.   I still have lots of pain.   I can use my arm and move in any direction but I do have some very sore spots.  If there are hairline fractures they seldom show up on an xray until later or not at all.  Even if soft tissue damage there is still lots of recovery time.  So I still take 800 IBP and try to avoid using that arm.

So with  all other things happening, being left-handed isn't too bad.


jckfrstross said...

oh no!!!! we have had awful winds here and then the snow yuck lol praying your arm heals quick


daddyleer said...

And probably not easy to post with a wounded wing along with most every thing else. Bless YOU! I hope that somehow you are managing it all.
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick