Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happy cleaning day

You have heard me talk about my neighbor who cleans for me.  Today she took off more handles and pulls on the kitchen cabinets and scrubbed them and then replaced them as well as clean the doors and drawers where they were......this is so lovely!

Her husband came over last night and took the ends of a couple of bulbs out of my microwave light.   I tried to take them out to replace them because they burned out.  They just twisted out of the sockets and left the screw part.    He cleaned the sockets out for me and he also was the one who put the screw in the brick exterior so we could hang a wreath this Christmas Season.   It is so nice to have good neighbors.......but I refuse to take advantage of the good neighbor policy and repaid him for his few minutes of goodness with his favorite drink........two 12 packs of Pepsi...Hee Hee, he will be delighted because he has an allowance when it comes to Pepsi and cigs.

I made two trips to get supplies to stock up for bad weather........hope I have enough of the right stuff.  Eleven thousand students in schools without power in Oklahoma City.  I have a full tank of gas in the van, batteries for everything, lots of water and juices, and stuff to eat..........we should be fine.

Kitties have developed warm furry coats so they are doing fine.........but they are like teenage boys.......they would eat all the time!  LOL

Take care from Marigold Country Home with a dusting of snow this morning.

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