Thursday, October 25, 2007


These cool mornings and crisp breezy days are so welcome after the summer.  Living so many years in California where the seasons are not distinct, having abrupt changes are stimulating!

I have to say first, we have two girls living in California, where the air is brown.  They are using cheese cloth to breath through because there are no painter's masks left in stores.  But they are safe and we thank God for that.  I am personally glad to be far from the fires now, having to be evacuated only once, but that was enough.

The heart doctor examined Jack yesterday and pronounced him doing great!  I think I have been holding my breath for the last month.   I know Jack has been so uneasy and distracted worrying about what the next step would be.  We are grateful to our families and friends who have been there for us during this difficult time.

We have been trying to get some legal work straightened out and wills written.  These are things that responsible people do.  And I hate visits to lawyers as much as I dislike visits to doctors! LOL    I had been to the lawyer and told him the situation and listened to his advise, so he took care of the paper work.  My job was to get Mother and Jack there at the end of a long day. 

All went well except Mother complained she only got to sign papers once!  Jack cut his arm on the door, which was not as wide as some and the threshold was rough and bounced his chair into the edge of the door cutting up his arm!  Of course I had to do first aid before we could even write our names.  Then the exit was about a three inch step which required my getting our extra little things from the van to make up the difference and Jack could have a smooth exit from the office.  I got both back in our "enter van".  The lawyer laughed and said you don't have much to you? 

But this is a good ole boy country lawyer that knows Oklahoma law from many generations of his family being in the law field.  His many stories made the visit much more comfortable and I got a good scolding for asking too many questions before he finished each item of business........I told him I was afraid I would forget some of those questions! 

He just didn't understand how easily it is to get distracted and FORGET those questions!  While writing the check for payment, Mother kept telling me to go see about Jack, he was going outside and might get hurt.......when actually he went into the outer office and was talking to the secretary.  The lawyer was laughing so hard and trying not to!

Well, we got home yesterday after a visit to Sam's Club and the purchase of some big heavy items, which meant I lifted those items into the basket, into the car, into the house, and all of this with a very painful back which is probably due to the stress this last week, raking the yard on a bitter cold morning without a jacket ( but it felt so good!) or just one of those things you do and wonder how it happened.  This required some heavy duty pain med before I could rest last night!

But the fun thing that happened yesterday was.......there was a tap at the door and I was in the floor doing Jack's legs and we said come in...but I had hooked the screen, so I had to get up and go to the door.  The lady was not familiar to me until she said, "I am Ditty".  I had not seen her I am sure since my dad died in '62.  We had a great visit.  She is a cousin in name only but certainly in heart.

Before we left for the doctor's visit yesterday, I received a call from a cousin I had not seen  for probably the same length of time, but had kept up other ways through the family.   She said they were concerned because there were no entries for quite sometime in another journal that I use!  I can't believe all of this happened  in one day!

Well, dear friends it is almost 5:30....I fed the four legged, furry, feline friends at 4! Made the coffee and am relaxing but should get the day started!

Take care..... and Peace reigns at the moment at Marigold Country Home.........and we added bright orange Mums to the flower beds yesterday.  My neighbor who helps me with house work also does things in the yard!   











rachealcarol said...

Am glad Jack is doing well :)  it takes a load of the mind when things are sorted, paperwork can be frustrating long.

Those orange Mums must look a treat when the sun catches them. Rache

jckfrstross said...

you really amaze me:) so glad your daughters are ok:) enjoy your weekend