Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yesterday started out to be a good day....breakfast went well.

I suggested to mother she could bathe and put in fresh clothes to be ready for Dana, the aide's visit.  This is a one time a week, one hour respite for me.

There are so many things to do in the morning, Jack's legs need fresh dressings, and the wrappings put on, medications for everyone, the usual cleaning up, etc.  A phone call asked about mowing the yards, and I bravely said some on and do this place too, since I don't have the new mower yet and can't seem to keep up! ( the kid who mows, weedeat the barditches which were tall and killed a snake that came out of the water...eek!)

Mother wanted to get in the big bath tub in the master bathroom and she has been doing this from time to time.  I usually clean in that part of the house so I can be available if she needs me.  Well, yesterday she needed me.  She couldn't get out of the tub, I really think she had forgotten how to do this, and after several tries she was exhausted!

I tried to help her, then gave her a robe and called a neighbor, together we could not get mother to work with us to get her out.  Then we called a paramedic who lives two houses down and was picking up the neighbor's boy to work in the fields.  Not his day to be on the ambulance call. 

He knew just how to get mother to cooperate and he got her right up and she stepped out of the tub! Yea! He would not accept a gift and said put it in plate at church! (smiles)  The neighbor would not accept gift but said she would come back and help me clean house later that day. 

The type of cleaning I needed was the things she does best like take the light fixtures down and wash and replace, take things off the walls, clean and replace.  The kinds of things that take time and I just don't have that time.  During this lunch came and mother was hungry after her ordeal. 

Next was a call from the aide who was running late and soon she arrived.  Mother had her nails done, was talked to, worked on the puzzle in the paper, and in general had her mind taken off of the morning.  

During the morning I did get the verticals in the patio cleaned, the refrig. scrubbed from top to bottom, and some laundry done. 

  With all the people around, Chase mowing the yard, coming in to use bathroom and get a bottle of water and visiting with Jack.  Kathy cleaning and running back and forth to the kitchen to wash fixtures,etc.  The aide doing her various tasks, and me trying to stay out of the way, LOL, it was an interesting morning.

The nice thing in this is:(1) Mother is getting used to Kathy cleaning in the house.  Mother has fought anyone doing this because she just doesn't like  strangers to be working in the house. (2) She is getting used to people helping her and she won't be reluctant to have me call for help. ( yesterday it was an hour or so before she would even listen to me about calling for help). (3) She is getting used to the paramedics and how good they can be in a pinch! (4)  We had been suspicious that she was upset and acting out her frustrations, last night she hugged me and told me she love me----I told her I was glad to be here with her and she said Oh yes she was so glad I was here. (MY MOTHER HAS NEVER BEEN VERY AFFECTIONATE)  This is a family trait of stoyic emotions that they have always displayed.

The afternoon meant a prescription run, and by that time the afternoon rest time became the "sit a minute" and catch me breath!  But Mother did get a rest and Jack and I had a few minutes together without a crowd around!

Well, what a day.............each day is different and yet the same.

Peace at Marigold Country Home!




midwestvintage said...

 Sounds like you had quite the day, very busy.  What wonderful neighbors you have.


jckfrstross said...

what wonderful neighbors you have:) enjoy your weekend