Thursday, July 12, 2007


My daughter ordered a riding lawnmower for me a couple of weeks ago. 

 But Sears refused to deliver, even though the delivery fee was 85 dollars and I was willing to pay that fee.  They drive through this tiny hamlet to get to another town to deliver but they do not stop here! LOL

What is the matter do we have cooties?

A friend hearing of the situation said they would go to Altus find something and deliver it, now that is a good friend!

Sears just lost my interest when it came to making purchases.  Why would I want to buy something big if it isn't delivered? 

 Another friend said she had difficulty with the products, they want the buyer to purchase service warranties and if you don't the product doesn't last like the old reputation.

Anyway my grass is getting a bit of a mowing this morning if there is enough cloud cover to protect the mower!

The flowers have been doing great with all the rain and now I guess I have to water, it was nice to be relieved of that job but the lake in the front of the house is a reminder of how much trouble the rain has been and how fierce the mosquitoes!

Signing off because this is a "free day" and I might get something done........or might go somewhere.

Peace at Marigold Country Home.


jckfrstross said...

have a good day:)


midwestvintage said...

 I have had trouble with Sears in the past also.  Hope your rider works out OK.


rachealcarol said...

:) enjoy your free day.  I like the sound of your mower, that was a lovely thought of your daughters.  ?? can't understand the theory behind Sears, you're so right, you want big things delivered.........had a strange picture of you riding the mower home though :)  Do enjoy today. Rache