Monday, September 4, 2006

evening of the rising moon, ...morning of the falling rain

...when you think you have it all together, then beware of a gathering storm!  And it isn't always the weather that brings seasons to our lives.

 The clouds gather, disperse, and gather again. 

The rain falls, then stops, then falls again. 

 The sun brings warmth, brightness, and hope.

Then disappears to reappear with  autumn in a paler and weaker version of itself.

Autumn's colors cover the travesty that the scorching summer has reeked.  Some trees already are approaching the bareness of winter, the withdrawing of life in its limbs.

This year has rushed from season to season without regard to the calendar.  Winter was brief rushing into Spring without opportunity to  put away the  winter threads.  Spring because Summer before  sandals could be found and bare feet became cooler than shod feet.  Summer didn't even wait to be announced and now Autumn slipped in on a three day rain.

Sometimes the opportunity to reflect can bring too many comparisons to life and the weather. 

Care giving puts you so close to those you love.  You see the gains and deny the losses.  You seek to maintain the integrity of a confident full life.  You close your eyes to slipping memory and unsteady limbs.  You weep when you can blame a bit of dust or the peeling of an onion.  You smile and laugh and hope you help them through times when all you have at your disposal is love to ease the pain or the frustration of forgetfulness. 

And now I can't blame the onion I sliced at lunch.






lv2trnscrb said...

beautifully, eloquently written


daddyleer said...

This is wonderfully written and soooo captures soooo much!