Tuesday, September 5, 2006

double dip of stress on a slice of busy pie.............

Car registration notice for my mother's car arrives by mail!

I think, good we will return this by mail------------wrong!

There  is no amount to send so it must be taken to the tag office with the offending card  aka as the official VA card.

I do a really stupid thing and ask Mother if she knows where this information might be..........yep! In the cellar!

No, I am not going there!   I look in the car and fail to find it so decided to take the second step and find the insurance card that is kept in the car..........nope! Not there!  I have established an outstanding file system for mother's business and so I go right to the files and find  NOTHING!  That says it for my system.  Well, I finally checked our file and found it filed in error!  Went  back to car to put insurance card where is should be and guess what--the offending card is right there!  Need new glasses--what? 

It is tough enough to keep all the files, records, and bills  paid and filed for Jack and I---------But the double dip of  secretarial errors keeps me in an ample stock of grey hair!

I am just into the 9th month of this  mad mad world....there is more to come!


lv2trnscrb said...

oh, I can imagine!! glad that part got worked out for you at least


daddyleer said...

You DO NOT need knew glasses. I am absolutely convinced beyond any doubt that inanimate objects taunt caregivers. I'll even go another step and accuse them of conspiring. Don't let them get to you! <grin>