Thursday, June 8, 2006

I missed that question..................

Had an interesting interview this week, I am applying for lifetime extended care for myself.  Of course there are some medical items but there are also the  emotional and mental health to be considered in the interview.  One of the questions was what season is this......since we have been having triple digit temperatures I immediately said summer and then said no spring.....dithered back and forth for a few seconds...... and can you believe this former educator said it was summer!  I missed that question of course!LOL

We now have a home health nurse working with Jack on the ulsers on his legs, a therapist also, and I can hardly believe we  are getting back in the swing of medical benefits.

Our new doctor is almost on a walk-in basis.  I was there this afternoon to pick up a prescription and a lady walked in and said is it possible to see the doctor and the receptionist said yes you may have to wait a bit however.  Gosh what a deal in California you made appointments weeks ahead!  This small town clinic is great so far.

Since it is difficult for me to go away from the house for a hour and walk, mosquitos, worry about my husband and mother, might be needed,etc., I found a solution.  The lawn mower.  Basicly all I do is walk behind the mower up and down, up and down, up and down, and I did this for an hour tonight, feel great and feel like I was out walking.  I can walk as fast as I want to usually behind the mower because the grass is now pretty short and I am only making a smooth velvet finish! Doesn't that sound great!

Going going going going gone..................

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daddyleer said...

    Shhh! You're giving away the secrets of lawnmowing. <grin> Years ago when I bought a mulching mower and the age of bagging grass clippings ended, mowing the lawn became my sacred respite time. I often mowed twice a week <grin>. Not only is the walking an escape but the roar of the motor drowns out everything. Neighbors and friends could never understand why I would always turn down their offers to help out by mowing the lawn.
    I swear there is a certain therapy in the order and control of mowing the lawn vs the "reaction" and forces beyond the daily control of caregivers.