Friday, June 16, 2006

the wind du'th blow and we shall have dust!

The wind is blowing with gusts that rattles the windows and makes the trees wave their branches.

So it is a lovely afternoon to do nothing but rest and  think about the future.   Like getting those trees trimmed this fall and making them less like potential dangers.  However, they are marvelous shaders and covers most of the driveway.

I probably should tie rocks to all the plants because from where I sit the tomato plants look like they could take off at any time.  The evening promises a hint of rain, at least there is something to look forward to.

I don't know if I mentioned the baby kittens earlier, but they went to a home yesterday.  They were marvelous therapy  for everyone in the house and we hated to see them go.  Just touching the warm soft bodies and having them cuddle and purrrrrrrrr was  restoring.  The nurse that took them to her children sat and petted and cuddled the largest of the two and lost her heart right there.

Some days are so hectic and I get so upset over the smallest things but most days are good  and reflect the ideal retired life in the mid-west.  My daughter was describing the life here and I was surprised to hear some of the things I had said and actually the importatnt things of this small town.   Like friendly people, easier pace,  business with a bit of "good ole boy" attitude, and the relaxed dress standards.  Good ole boy meaning, so you a little late to the bank they will unlock and let you in, services like faxing at no cost, prescriptions at cost if you don't have insurance.  The last was so funny, I had a discount card for my prescription last week, and the pharmacist said this is such a hassle to hunt this company would you mind if I just sell at cost because my prices are usually much less than the discounts, did I argue with him...NO....I took that prescription for $3.00! LOL

We are eager to see what the services for Jack will be like, so far he will see a nurse once a week at home and a therapist twice a week and the days are predetermined so we don't have to wonder which days they will come.  We can have a life.   To not know anyone, we still have drop in traffic and a lot of these visitors are to see Jack.  His big ears and wide shoulders makes it easy for people to talk and share with him.

My mother and I have confrontations every once in a while, when she makes me feel like I am 10 years old, or tells me what we are going to do.  I have to have a life even if it is 24/7 here with my two patients.  At least I feel like I have to have some input in the day's activities.  Two women in the same house is a explosive situation anyway.

There isn't any other news, later gaters!









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