Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trouble comes in Threes?

The temperature has gone triple digit........I must have spring fever because I am tired and sleeping all the time.  I am sure this has nothing to do with the loss of sleep,etc.

Just a day or so after we lost Jack's brother, one of the buildings that mother owns was broken into.  I had advoided going into these building because I knew this woud be added responsibility on my part.......well had to have window covered.  Now I have been there, know which keys work, need to do yard work, sort and deal with furniture, and items inside the house, and must close this estate.  This has been passed around for a great number of years and I want it closed but it is emotional for my mother since it is her mother's house. 

Jack is holding up better this week after the funeral, even though we could not go, there seems to be closure.  He is keeping me from going crazy with this added responsibilities of legal matters and just plain work to get things cleaned up.  Will have to stop on this house and go work on another.  However there are some priceless antiques just sitting there like washstands and a brass bed.  Lots of chests, trunks, dressers, cabinets, old lane cedar chest, dishes and glassware that someone in the know could have made a fortune with.  Must have been kids!

Going to buy a lawn mower because it just costs too much to pay for all the mowing and have such a lousy job by the handicapped guy that does the mowing.  Think he has been getting away with this too long.  I can't do it all, and can't do it all the time but I can keep it looking like someone lives here.

This little burg needs to spray for the mosquitoes, Jack and I can't get out and walk and roll inthe evenings or go for the mail in the mornings.  The last time we went in the mornings, a mosquito landed on Jack, I stepped over to swat it because it was where he couldn't hit it and of course I stepped in front of a moving vehicle.  His motorized chair didn't stop fast enough and the wheel went over my foot......Geesh! that hurt!

This is way too much information to digest on a Sunday afternooon,,,,bye b ye

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