Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There was bright sunshine..........

The sunshine wasn't just the weather kind........the day was as good as it gets usually.

We voted and I did so rather rapidly and was glad that I failed to remember how I voted on a rather tight angry contest locally. Glad I don't know how I voted, can't kick myself or brag either! lol

We rushed off to the hospital for lab tests and then were finished for the day. The rest was play time. The neighbor went along and insisted on driving so I let her! We went to lunch at the Atlantic Bread Company. It was a good time, not crowded, and plenty of room for us to move about and Jack to not have his space invaded.

Then we did the Sam's Club deposit of our money! Filled the car with our goodies and started home. Picked up two prescriptions and got home in time to relax awhile. I made a trip to the county seat to buy a few items we could not get this morning and did a little business.

A neighbor brought over some freshly cooked turnips. I don't usually eat turnips but these were delicious. I have such good neighbors. Another neighbor gave me garden fresh summer squash that were just beautiful. Too pretty to eat maybe....maybe put in a still life setting and paint a picture?

Finished Double Cross by Patterson and now have to find another book to read. For my birthday, my daughter sent me exactly what I asked for: all the books she had been reading. In fact she sent 3 boxes of books.

Good night all of you....I am off to read and relax!

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Indigo said...

I tend to pass all my books on to my own daughter. It's wonderfully that both of us have the same taste in authors. (Hugs)Indigo