Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a surprise!

I went into the attached garage to get some cokes because Jack had an upset stomach at 5 this morning and to keep Mom's cat from going into the house I shut the door into the laundry room securely!  VERY SECURELY!  I was locked out of the house..........every door to the outside was firmly locked and the screen doors latched!  Temperatures were in the 20's but felt like single digit!

Jack managed to get to the door into our room after I manually opened the garage car door and pounded on a window close to him!  NEEDLESS TO SAY I WAS BAREFOOTED AND IN A T-SHIRT!  

Oh well I have had my chilling thrill for the day!

Since we have not used the lock on the door into the garage since I have been here as far as I know  someone must have been working on it.  I have tried to remind Mom repeatedly that that door needs to be kept shut to keep out the cold air from the garage.  Guess she thought that was a good way to keep that door shut! LOL 

For those who have been sending me e-mails asking what was wrong..........well Mom has not been well, and Jack has been under the weather also.

In fact Mother was a concern to her nurses from the health agency and they notified the doctor and he came to the house (10 miles away) on his lunch break and then made her an appointment to see a surgeon in Lawton this week.  She promised him she would go and do what the doctor said.  This doctor knew we would never get her to his office so he came to her.   Do wonders never cease. 

I feel like I am facing some serious situations and decisions and I am not liking this very much.  I am an only child......and feel very lonely at this time.




jckfrstross said...

oh no locked out lol praying for you and Jack and your mom


rachealcarol said...

..leaving you some (((( hugs )))) Rache