Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A day in May.......

It has been awhile since I posted, just because things seem to happen so slowly and then so quickly. 

Jack's legs are again requiring twice-a-day treatment and care.  This is so frustrating when we think we have something licked and find we do not.

The eyes are playing tricks, drooping so badly to require help to hold the eyelid and eye brow out of the way to see.

We are running out of medication and Jack will have to find and see a new doctor and this is worrying him and of course it is a concern to see what someone else will do and say.  Perhaps this will be a good change.

We are also waiting for a call that will tell us Jack's brother who is in hospice in Arizona, is gone.  This is making Jack feel  quite vunerable.  Of the four children this will be the second to cancer, and one lost to us.  We have been unable to locate him in the mental health maze of California.

This move to Oklahoma is still taking its toll in the great differences and opportunities to get out and enjoy the environment.  The wind, stormy weather, heat, and humidity is quite taxing.



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daddyleer said...

It's been almost 4 years since we moved to accomdate MS and depending on the day I could still give the whole idea a thumbs up or thumbs down. Of course had we not moved there was no guarantee that would be better just more familiar. I guess the grass is always greener ... But I do think that 'familiar' is easier for cargiving than 'adventure'. <grin> I'm sure you have tried clicking your ruby slippers three times!