Thursday, April 20, 2006


Thunderstorms forcast! Love to have some rain!

Planting flowers and hoping to have some bright blooms around the house in the flower beds.

Hope to find a contractor soon to start repairs and remodeling.  <Smiles>  Looking forward to some changes.  One change is being a patio room for coffee in the morning to watch the sun come up and the cats at play.  We don't have a place large enough to eat together unless we hold our plates on  our laps.  LOL

Another is a easily accessible door for Jack to handle alone and windows on the east side of the room we live in. 

Take care, us all.


1 comment:

daddyleer said...

"a easily accessible door" ... A genuine quest! <grin> ... Great to hear from you all!
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick