Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cold and windy

The wind is really blowing as it has almost constantly since we arrived 3 months ago.  Cold, too.

The cats that my mother started feeding for companionship have grown to about 6 except on cold mornings when I serve a hot breakfast! LOL

We have a lovely place for them in the old garage with old furniture loaded with old blankets and plenty of places to snuggle down and stay warm.  The also are fed inside and have water there too.  So good for the animals.  There are lots of interesting birds, robins are already here, some black birds, field larks, some big fat doves, and small wrens.  The resident squirrel is busy with the nuts from the pecan trees that surround my mother's house.  She had trapped a lot of squirrels and took them to the creek with a bag of nuts a few years ago.  But she hasn't noticed this squirrel and I haven't pointed out his presence.  With the neighborhood dogs and children we have quite a lot of see out of the windows.  (Hope to add some when spring arrives, windows that is! LOL)

There is a juvenile facility about a block from the house.  Some are there for very serious crimes but so far there are few problems for the town except providing plenty of jobs.  The facility is well cared for and attractive enough to not be an eyesore.  The tumble down houses are the problem.  Of course, the facility causes lots of traffic all day and all night as the shifts change at different times.  But I personally like the noise, more like urban sounds.

Hello, everyone.  Hope all are doing well.  Jack is having more problems with stiff and painful muscles but that goes with the disease.  Hope a new doctor can find some relief for him.

Take care all.

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