Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New life---new state---new challanges

This is a cultural challenge!

I cook three meals daily.  Can count the number of times eating out on one hand in three months! LOL

Everyone has a good appetite and are easily pleased.

Our room (really a one room life at this time) is beginning to take on a lived in look with pictures and furniture that functions with our life style.  Book cases and file cabinets and finally my computer on a new computer desk.

My days start early and often I can't sleep till after midnight.  This has to change! LOL

I do lots of cleaning and mother and I are systematically going through things--sort of!  We do a drawer or a box or sometimes a closet and it is slow but it is difficult for my mother to give up some things and everything she has kept is important.

We have fought the war of the cobwebs and won most of the battles.  This is a big house and you would think that this could have been done in a week or so but three months later I am still wondering when I will get to that bedroom or that bath. 

A big hold up was  income tax and selling the house and the paper work has been really stressful for me.  We drive about 20 miles to fax things.  I have a fax machine but it isn't always reliable.

This is an interesting little town.  This county in Oklahoma is designated a depressed area.  And if I understand correctly the state is attempting to reward those who move in with 5 years of exempt state tax. Now that would be a reward.  There are lots of empty houses and many in a tumble down condition.   We have had fires close by and the entire state is in a fire danger area.  The rain over the weekend was not near enough to help but was lovely to see.  It is cold today and the wind is blowing as it has everyday since we got here!  E-gad this is awful!

This town is 10 miles from anyother place to buy gas or bread, so our little country store is loved by all.  The mail comes in about 8 every morning and you meet your neighbors at the postoffice.  And take your key for the box or go back home and get it! LOL

My mother is 87, has seeing and hearing problems but manages quite well.  She was frail and doing down when we arrived.  This really frightened me but she is eating good and seems to be doing so much better with people around and places to go.  We often run to town (10 miles away), just to get something so she can get out of the house.

Jack isn't getting out near enough and I hope the warming up of the season will make it possible for him to get out of this one room with only two windows.  He feels like he is in a cell and I understand that completely.

We have had to apply for insurance.  There are no hmo's here so you take independent insurance to suppliment the medicare.  This will be interesting to see how this works out. 

Three months-----maybe it won't be so long before I update again......<smiles>

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daddyleer said...

HELLO! So great to hear from you all! Sounds like quite an adventure and change. Even more of a challenge, you are taking caregiving to another dimension <grin>. Our best to all!
Caregivingly Yours,