Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Not many days left...............

Not many days left till the moving van take the boxes all away.  Waiting  to see when driver can help us.

Jack's infection seem much better, got a prescription for hopefully last pill.

We looked and found perhaps a better cushion for Jack to sit on for 1200 miles.  We have 2 loho pillows that are very good but just don't do the job for that distance. The tech looked at Jack's chair, and we had asked for a seat that was soft like the back, and he said no.  The chair seat was designed for a cushion to prevent sores,etc to that part of the body.  So he would not even discuss a cushioned seat but a different cushion. 

We had Chinese today for the "Best Wok".  That is one thing we will miss, those available choices in foods so close.  I will have to do more cooking and it will probably be enjoyable since I have been really too busy and too tired for awhile.

We listed the house today.  Higher than we think it will bring but as the realtor said we can always reduce the price.  We are hopeful that something good will happen before we leave.

Garage sale on Saturday.   Make me an offer will be the rule of thumb!

I hope to get things cleared out---the realtor will arrange for cleaning and carpet cleaning when we are gone.

Over and Out!




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daddyleer said...

You and Jack have a safe and maybe even FUN trip. Caregiving "on the road" is certainly never boring when you get outside that zone of knowing where everything is that you need when you need it.