Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A week later and nothing has improved.  We had an awesome storm and the storage room that we had repaired is now wet again.

I had to haul out all the boxes and stuff and start fans on the wet carpet. Talked to a neighbor and she had wet carpets in her house and she said it was the worst storm she can remember here.  So the wet carpet in the storage room is a neusense but can be handled I guess.  It will take days with the fans but what else can I do.

All the contents of the wet boxes are now in the house and I have difficulty living with  MESS!  In addition to the storage room fiasco, Jack was feeling really bad yesterday and said he felt like he was slipping away.  Oh geesh I really need a Physic degree to deal with the depression.

I thought the legs were better  till yesterday and they seem about the same, only maybe wetter if that is possible.

We didn't go out yesterday together, I went to get a few groceries, to the bank, and postoffice.  Then of course to hardware store to get some sealent to put around the base of the storage room, but believe the water came from around the window.  Who can tell.

I keep saying I will survive.   My mother isn't really improving with the back, and yesterday she heard that the brother to her  husband(who recently passed away) was very ill, heart, and was sent home because there was nothing they could do for him.  My daughter called with a  problematic day and I feel like I need to have a shingle to hang out to listen to the problems of the world!  I  am looking for a piece of wood to make that shingle.

Well, the day has begun, it is 4:16 and I have been up over an hour so might as well stay up.  Surely I can find something to do.

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