Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This heat is getting us down!  Jack's pain is unbelieveable and nothing seems to help.

I called the home health nurse(about Jack's legs seeping) that was on Jack's case and she called from home on her day off and gave me some suggestions and they seem to be working.  However, she said call and put  them back on if there is need.

We are now getting calls from Realtors of the people who want to buy this house.  I feel like I am being pushed out! lol

My mother is seeing a doctor for some treatments for her back. She said that she has aged in the last  two weeks since the back pain is getting so bad.  I am familiar with what pain can do to you, and she is a woman that takes only vitamins and no other medications.  She is now taking tylenol on occasion.

We are still doing the attack, sort, toss, repack, and label for moving.  The moving boxes are growing into a mountain.

No other news, we will survive this!



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daddyleer said...

That four letter word HEAT is all over the news and Journals. Didn’t Jack’s scooter come with air-conditioning? <grin>

How do you do it? I’m sure you ask yourself that question, when you find the time to think about it. <grin> You’re awesome!

Getting reading to move threw the whole balance of ‘house and home’ out of whack until re-rooted again for us and especially me as the caregiver spouse.