Saturday, July 16, 2005

I wonder if we will find ourselves in this rubble!

We have been going through a mountain of boxes this week.  Boxes of mementoes and pictures.  When you are in the 70's you accumulate lots of stuff.  We have thrown away tons of pictures and just things we thought we couldn't live without.  The standard is: If someone else looked at this, would they know what it is, appreciate it, want to keep it?  Usually the answer is no, no, no! So we toss it.  Some things we just could not throw----so we still have it.  These boxes are labeled unorganized pictures and personal mementoes and just plain stuff. lol

Jack's legs are open and seeping again.  We may have to have home health again.  This is getting old.  The bandages are hot in this tripple figure heat.  Jack is becoming more independent, says I will have my hands full with my mother so he is helping in his own way.

We have found several places where we meet other powerchair people.  One is the casino dining areas.  The upscale restaurants are really nice and friendly.

As you can see I hit the space bar accidentally and am off the print again!





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