Monday, April 13, 2009

confusion and falls

This has been a difficult week. Jack has fallen a number of times with many bruises, bumps, cuts, and more confusion.

I don't know yet what is causing the problems. I don't know who the strange man is who lives in my husband's body. I have spent many hours during the middle of the night at the nursing home.. Have had all kinds of calls and now I dread the phone ringing.

During a great thunder storm I was called out this week because they thought maybe Jack should go to the emergency room. He had fallen at 2 am the day before and they thought maybe he was more injured than they thought. The pains were all old ones and he just really wanted to see me... see how I have spoiled him!

Sometimes he is perfectly fine and a bit later he is totally confused and talking about things that even I have difficulty putting in context. We take him to the wound center tomorrow. The nursing facility will send someone with me to help...bless them!

Times are difficult.. I know I can't bring him home like this...yet that is his and my greatest wish. But I want him safe and secure until the doctor dismisses him.

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