Friday, August 8, 2008

It has been awhile since the last post.......and again it has Rained!   We were getting well toasted with tripple diget temperatures...the highest 110.   The Great Plains really is warm this summer!

We have lost lots of kitties this summer, guess the heat and the upper resporitory problems have been the major problems.  Lost 4 just this week and expect there will be more before the weekend. 

I am learning to deal with grief I guess.  Mom is doing well and seems to continue to be comfortable and happy.  Doctor has threatened to come to the house and see the wound on Jack's leg that the therapist have been treating for almost a year.   It is healing but the therapist ask for recertification order and a culture prescription so he asked questions and said if he was not satisfied with the answers he would come to the house.    He didn't say anything about Jack coming to his office..... guess he thought it was too hot!  (smiles)

We had plans to go out today but the rain has stopped us and it is an all day forcast.  Jack does not like to take his power chair out in the isn't like he is splashing down the street in mudholes or puddles but they told him to not go out in the we don't!

I have a good book, lots of cleaning of closets and dresser drawers, a estate house to clean out, cabinets to clean and dishes to sort for charity, I can think of a million things to will just rest maybe! LOL


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