Friday, September 16, 2005

A twist toward better maybe.....nurse called and a new set of leg wraps will be ordered.  We pay the 20% but that isn't too bad. About 100.00. 

Picked up Morphine perscription and gave Jack first dose of liquid.  Wow, no wonder that stuff is adictive.  It worked, he could stand on his legs without  the terrible pain,etc. 

 He was even feeling like doing the bank statements,etc. today.  Well, wonders of wonders.  Maybe I should have a dose of that stuff! lol  I have felt rotten all week from lack of enough sleep.  My fault for worrying about moving,etc.

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daddyleer said...

So good to read you sounding better and Jack 'feeling' less pain. Moving in the middle of caregiving is beyond intense. It's a pressure cooker. Eventually we had to send Patti ahead for a month or two. ... I noted your conversations about care facility. They are some of the most difficult talks any couple will ever begin. Sometimes life just seems to pile it on. Wouldn't it be nice if it all ever found some balance once in a while, or at least more often?