Monday, October 24, 2005

It  has been awhile, but nothing new is happening.

We purchased a  new Grand Caravan Entervan and hope to take delivery today.  The tagging, taxing, titling, and all that stuff should be done.  Here in California we also have to have the vehicle smogged.

The mountain of boxes are growing and our estimate was somewhat off.  I think I am adding the lazy boy recliner since I have enjoyed sleeping in it so much lately.  

Jack is still battling the fungal infection, we will be Parkinson's  physician this week, and primary doctor next and then I guess we will begin the count down.  This is really difficult.

My mother is getting eager for our arrival and doesn't seem to understand the magnitude of this operation and especially without any help.   I am going to find someone to clean house today, it actually isn't dirty but I want it all done in one fell swoop.  I need to do some more things in the yard also.  So onward and upward.

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